cat meets dog

Our kittens are almost two months old… and my kids are convinced that we shouldn’t give any of them away!  We’ve been so busy that I’ve kept them in our laundry room until now, I didn’t have time to watch and make sure that they get along with our dog Rex (a female dog).  We’ve had her for several years, my kids had just watched “firehouse dog” when we obtained her and they figured she was a hero dog just like the dog Rex in the movie!  Shortly after that we received two kittens, a male and a female… the male was Kathe’s so she named him “hello kitty” and the female was Sam’s so he named her Tarzan…. Fast forward to now, our former cats are in a better place Winking smile we bought a little kitten for Christmas last year, my kids decided to name her Shakira… because the famous soccer player Pique is dating someone Winking smile with that name…. now that she had three kittens herself, two males and a female… what should we call them???  Messi (famous Barcelona soccer player) Antonnella, (his wife) and Thiago (their baby that was just born) of course!


Yeah… so some of us are a little crazy about soccer around here!

This is what God has been teaching me! Let me know if God used this in any way to speak to you!

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