love of books

I love books. Years ago I often imagined that I would like to run a Christian bookstore with a coffee shop and couches. I like the smell of books. I like the feel of their weight in my hand. I like to fold the page where I stop (if the book is mine!) and highlight the important parts if it’s non-fiction. I like it when I can’t see the ending of the story from the beginning of the book. If it makes me cry or laugh or repent or learn, it’s worth reading.

I use to work in a bookstore where I had millions of books at my fingertips all day long… then I moved to Guatemala. I officially consider myself a book hoard. I will keep almost any book I can get my hands onto. English books are as hard to find as snowflakes here in Guatemala 🙂 But even Spanish books are hard to find! People don’t read here! I mean apart from illiteracy, even people who can read, don’t. I would say one of the main reasons is lack of books to read.

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I consider the Impact Ministries Library to be my baby… and not just because of the size! I want the students learn to love to read, that way I won’t be alone in my pain of not being able to find new books!!! Lol just kidding. No seriously, there is so much you can learn if you love to read. I’ve been scourging the internet for places to buy Spanish books online or here in Guatemala trying to find more books that we can have bought!

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This is what God has been teaching me! Let me know if God used this in any way to speak to you!

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