while you are stuck at home…..

Things to do during the coronavirus #1

Ok this is not something that you should only do during your extra long stays at home these crazy days, but it’s definitely the time to start some good habits, right?

Read your bible. 

I saw this meme this week:

I think a lot of the time we say we don’t have time to read our bibles… well, now we do!  The problem I think we will soon discover, just like me cleaning my house, is that time, is not the problem!  

The bible is God’s word, written down so that we can know what He says, so that we can know Him…. the one who laid the earth’s foundation while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy, who tells the morning when to come who has storehouses of snow, who knows the way to the place where the lightning is dispersed (Job 38) Whose eyes are like a flame of fire, and feet are like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace, and whose voice is like the roar of many waters.(Rev 1:15) Whose face we cannot see, for man shall not see him and live (Exodus 33:20) Who  has the appearance of jasper and carnelian, and around his throne is a rainbow that has the appearance of an emerald. (Rev 4:3) He created the heavens and the earth by the word of His mouth! (Gen 1-2) From him and through him and to him are all things. (Romans 11:36)

That’s who has invited us to know Him…. just let that sink in……!  I know that I can’t comprehend it!

God spoke, and everything was created. His word is powerful. His word is alive and active, it is God breathed (2 Tim 3:16). His word is so wonderful, a treasure that leads us to knowing Him, the pearl of great price that is worth giving up everything we have to obtain.

God’s word can teach us and show us how to live a righteous life and equip us to do His will (2Tim 3:16-17). It will give us joy (Psalms 19:8) , guidance (psalm 119:105), in His word there is life and health (Prov 4:20-22) , we find truth (John 17:17) peace ( Psalm 119:165) victory over temptation (Psalm 119:11), hope (Romans 15:4), answered prayers (John 15:7) and so much more.

If you are reading His word I hope this encourages you to continue! His word will accomplish what He has sent it to do! (Isaiah 55:11) And if we sow His word in our lives, we will reap such beautiful richness in Him.

If you have not been reading you bible, honestly I should not need to convince you of its immeasurable wealth. It is the hidden treasure that is worth everything. In times when I have not “felt” like reading His word I have prayed and asked God to help me, and then I have forced myself to read until I have loved and treasured reading it again. Someone might say, well I’m not a reader, it doesn’t matter. God’s word is alive. We cannot know, love and obey HIm and His commands if we do not study His word, it’s that simple.

Need help making it a priority? Try out the youversion bible app. I started using this at least 10 years ago. Choose a reading plan to read through the bible (that will take you 10-15 minutes a day to read through in the year). You can set up a reminder. Highlight and take notes! I choose a different color to highlight in each year, or you could choose different colors for different themes.  Find a different version to read then you have read in the past! Some are more litteral, some more poetic. I find changing the version makes me pay new attention to verses that I know by heart. Add friends to read together, share notes, encourage each other! You can add me!

Anyway, I just want to encourage you and me, let’s read God’s word, get to know Him more, let His word penetrate our hearts and renew us in Him!  And the best thing is to really honestly ask Him to help us to seek Him, to draw us to Himself and give us hearts that hunger for Him! Oh that we could learn to love His word more than all the distractions that we enjoy to entertain ourselves but don’t have the capacity to give life!

This is what God has been teaching me! Let me know if God used this in any way to speak to you!

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