I give thanks

Give thanks! My heart, Overflow of gratitude!  What I have and have not.

Many times I have felt alone, never have I been. I am with you, He speaks.

And I remember, Each joy He has poured over me, Friendship and invitation, Surrounded by love, Acceptance, Even tears not gone unseen, No sorrow meaningless.

What joy, Opportunity to serve, The mundane, Little gifts of beauty, Extravagance, Big as the sky.

And that which matters most, Not bound, Unmovable, Not influenced by the fickle, Sure further than death, Unquenched by this life.

There is treasure, Better than, Leave all else as mirage, Even loss and sorrow, is smoke and mist, Give me heart that holds, True, faithful.

Nothing else worth clinging to, Neither gift nor pleasure.

Only Him.

Nor freedom from pain, Nor promised favor,

Only Him, Have I all 

I know I’m no poet 🙂 but just thought I’d share these disjointed thoughts of thanks with you all today. I hope and pray that wherever you are, alone or with many, you will know the Heavenly Father loves you and wants to be your greatest treasure.

This is what God has been teaching me! Let me know if God used this in any way to speak to you!

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