roots, literally!

of everything I miss like friends and family and potato chips… hehe We might taste raspberries… my kids and husband for the very first time!! Yay for the little green points that mean these roots are alive and fantastic friends who bring the “wealth” and who share the “wealth”!!  We might just need to open …


Wishing they were raspberries! But after all blackberry season only comes around once a year!  We don't get a lot of imported fruit around here unless someone actually imports plants.... Such as these wonderful blueberry bushes! The owner gave me a few bushes years ago and they are finally starting to have some fruit!!


We have 30 or so peach trees in our back yard!  I have never eaten so many peaches in my entire life!  It’s a  different variety then maybe you’re use to but just as delicious!  There will only be some left for the next few weeks so if you’d like some come on by!