building an education

Something that’s been keeping me super busy this year is the launch of a new program with Impact Ministries.  At the end of 2015 we began a new program called Support a Class. Sponsors or supporters give towards a certain group of children as they grow up through the grades!  You can read more about …


The 2016 school year is beginning! We are excited to see 1,600 future leaders coming to receive a quality education and learn about God’s love for them.  We believe that they can grow up to transform their families, the community and the country of Guatemala!   Our family is having a big change this year …

School Starting Soon

With the New Year comes a new School year here in Guatemala.  Over 100 teachers gathered together this week for some extra training and planning for the 2016 school year.   What a blessing to see them enter into worship as the first thing they do in preparation for influencing the lives of 1,600 kids!

my dancing girl

Kathe has been involved in our church music and worship school.  Sadly the dance class is not very big! They had their first performance the other evening. Yes… that guy was standing there the whole time!